Created world class casual gaming site

Conceived and led design, development and operation of one of the top ranked casual gaming websites. Early on the site developed close to half a million members purely due to word of mouth references. Audience retention and repeat visits were ranked by Comscore as the best among casual gaming sites (report available), beyond properties developed, owned and operated by Electronic Arts (Pogo) and Vivendi (Uproar).
This was a direct reflection of the quality of User Experience, created as a byproduct of Jon's product management and technology expertise.
Numerous aspects of the site design and architecture were based purely on the innovations created by Jon's team under his direction. Items invented under Jon's direction specifically for this site included:
  • Self-scaling, fault-tolerant game server architecture
  • Fault tolerant message broker and message oriented middleware and protocol
  • Hack-proof encrypted game scoring engine and game architecture thwarting numerous attempts of hackers to cheat the global games platform.
  • Distributed game moderation software application that made it feasible for a small team of moderators, distributed world-wide, to man and moderate the site effectively even when there were several thousand more players than moderators online.
  • Advertising meta-server that, in addition to making optimal use of multiple ad brokers and agencies at any given time, also allowed site users to specify their own preferences regarding the categories of ads that they would be shown.

Created with Artisteer