First CMM/CMMi evaluation for Swiss Bank

When the IT organization at Swiss Bank's US division wanted to determine where they stood in terms of software process and capability maturity, the Director of Software Development (reporting to the CIO) approached Jon to discuss approaches. The Carnegie Mellon SEI (Software Engineering Institute) CMM (pre-cursor to the the current CMMi) was the standard for such purposes at the time, however Jon noted that the current model did not include any consideration of human resources, culture and topics such as resistance (passive and active), fear, uncertainty, trust and motivation.

Jon expanded the existing model to incorporate these additional factors, creating an assessment template with more than 300 topic items. Although the budget for the project was tight, the project called for more than 100 people to be queried, so that a truly representative analysis could be performed. Jon developed an automated instrument based on macro driven Microsoft Office products. The model had to be sufficiently robust and intuitively obvious and self-explanatory so that it could be emailed to the 100+ person distribution list with the confidence that the completed survey instruments would be returned, properly filled out, in a timely way.

Another process that Jon developed collated the instruments as they were received and performed all the statistical analyses and generation of graphical representation of the data automatically.

The CIO credited this project as being a key component of the bank's US IT organization's move from SEI CMM level 1 (the "MIS swamp") to level 3 ("repeatable results").

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