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Ideally, we do the right thing even when nobody is looking - out of pride, a sense of workmanship and owning responsibility. It's nice, however, to hear from those whose lives or jobs we've touched if we've done a good job.

Some Feedback About Jon (from LinkedIn)

"Jonathan led comprehensive programs to build a highly competitive technology capability in a highly volatile environment. The problems he confronted were manifold and complex: an architecture had to be built from the ground up during the busiest season of the year; there were daily operational issues that needed urgent attention; and the company was working through several important management transitions.

Jon brought to bear vast knowledge of the capabilities and limitations of technology as a business tool; the full range of specifics related to industry standards, specific tools, and architectures; and perhaps most importantly, a calm, determined, and focused management style. He oriented his operational, tactical, and strategic efforts toward achieving the right business goals, even as the constraints for doing so were formidable.

I would not hesitate to work with Jon again, given the opportunity. I valued him both as a colleague and friend."

Leif Knutsen - Managing Partner, Primesource
Leif worked with Jon at MRU Holdings, Inc.

"Working with Jon at TEKsystems was a great pleasure. His leadership is inspiring and his ability to deliver is unparalleled. Working with our clients, Jon created strong relationships of trust due to his calm demure and deep knowledge of the industry. His insights are though provoking and always resulted on a better outcome for all parties involved.

In summary, Jon is a great leader and mentor on any team.

It is with the highest praise that I am recommending Jon."

Rhys Parry, VP Operations at Volentix Labs (VLabs)
Rhys worked with Jonathan at TEKsystems Global Services

"Jonathan Strong is one of those rare individuals that you get a chance to work with that brings intelligence, passion and caring to what ever he does. I would welcome the opportunity to work with him or for him on any type of project knowing that it will be successful and that my skills would be used to deliver true value."

Michael Meyerkopf - Account Executive, Synergistix, Inc.
Michael worked indirectly for Jonathan at DMR Group (Amdahl / Fujitsu)

"Jon was an acting CTO for a small startup financial data company. His technical and leadership skills were exceptional, allowing for a small team to overachieve on tight budgets and the enormous stress that exists in start up enviroments. People under his leadership over-performed, primarily, due to the respect they had for Jon, myself included."

Pippin Gilman - Business Transformation Leader - Verizon
Pippin worked indirectly for Jonathan at The Strong Group, Inc

"I have worked with Jon on a number of projects over the years and have found his ability to design and complete complex systems without peer. In a field in which missed deadlines, bugs, and even project failures are all too common, Jon's work is remarkably trouble-free -- robust, elegant, functional, easy to use, and, not infrequently, delivered in an improbably short time."

Josh Hill - Broadcast Media Consultant and Contractor
Josh was Jonathan's client

"Jonathan has delivered beyond my expectations everytime I have dealt with him. His depth and ability far exceeds the competition. His ability to not only deliver on a project but to also give valuable and succinct advice that can,at times change your point of view, has saved us not only time, but money. I highly recommend Jonathan to anyone seeking to hire, or use his professional services."

Edward Moore - IT Infrastructure Engineering Executive
Edward was Jonathan's client

"I worked with Jonathan on a very high pressure delivery of a financial information product with some critical time constraints. 
The Strong Group delivered some amazing results and offered the perfect mix of advanced technical solutions with business acumen. I would recommend Jonathan without reservation."

Iain Willis - Business Development Director, Quai AS Ltd.
Iain was Jonathan's client

"I have worked closely with Jon over 18 months. Jon is one of the brightest IT visionaries I know. He has deep insight into both the analytics, online, and development aspects of business. Jon was working on developing a robust platform for processing customers in an efficient and optimized fashion. The IT department always research and tested the latest technology and methods for improvement. The techniques used were cutting edge and stressed vendors into developing innovative solutions.

Jon clearly understood the objective of the business and marketing's approach to customer acquisition, and worked closely to accommodate all levels of analysis and growth.

I would be happy to serve as a reference to Jon, and would highly recommend him."

Michael Kaushansky - President Helia & Chief Data Officer at Havas
Michael worked indirectly for Jonathan at MRU Holdings, Inc.

"I had the wonderful opportunity of working with Jon at MRU Holdings at which time he was the Chief Technology Officer. At MRU Holdings, Jon championed all aspects of the company’s technology initiatives and programs. Jon also helped to instill key processes and procedures at MRU such as the creation of a Project Management Office as well as agile project management & development processes, which led to increased efficiencies and a substantial reduction in development costs. Jon is not only a brilliant chief strategist and planner but is also able to understand and delve into lower-level technical and business problems to produce the right solution.

Jon’s knowledge and competence in business technology and experience in multiple industries allows him to turn any information technology group into a world-class organization. Jon has experience in directing and navigating teams and organizations through a myriad of scenarios and circumstances with very successful and beneficial end results for the organizations and teams. Jon both understands and can excellently guide and mentor teams towards achieving key performance indicators to help maximize business revenue and profitability and reduce information technology costs.

Overall Jon has an excellent track record of creating, building and maintaining world-class business focused organizations and would be an excellent leader for any company."

Kirk Rohani - Software Development Manager - UT Austin
Kirk reported to Jonathan at MRU Holdings, Inc.

"I have had the opportunity to work with this wonderful leader, Jon Strong, while my tenure at MRU Holdings. While Jon’s ability to spearhead a company toward growth through the use of cutting edge technology is apparent from his track record, I would like to say a few words in regards to his interpersonal abilities which makes a huge impact in leading a team of individuals from diverse professional and ethnic backgrounds.

No matter how tough the work days were, Jon never lost his cool. He always paid attention to his staff’s needs and strived diligently to provide the tools/resources his staff needed to succeed. He was always accessible and sincerely cared for the success of the company and of its people. I strongly believe that Jon’s vision and skills (both technical and interpersonal), and professional experience will be an invaluable addition to any company that will employ Jon or use his professional services."

Moe Shamim - Analytics Manager, Deloitte
Moe worked directly with Jonathan at MRU Holdings, Inc.

"Jonathan and I worked along-side each-other, in different worlds, planning and overseeing critical initiatives, within a fast-pace, PMO environments. As a Senior Program Manager, Jonathan proved time-over, to clients and peers, the value of his expertise and experience – making him both a unique and essential asset to the organization and the projects he undertook.

Amongst Jonathan’s strengths was his ability to quickly assess, formulate and execute plans under pressure – while adhering to strict timelines, and ‘ at-times’ impossible client PMO model / demands – he was always quick to lend a hand to a friend, provide advise to a colleague - or assistance to anyone in need of help

A true team player – Jonathan brought to the table a unique understanding of the dynamics of project development and management – and the vision of a true professional, that can only be acquired through years of doing the job."

Dan Maldonado, Jr - Sr Project Manager / Scrum Master, Windstream Enterprise
Dan worked with Jonathan at The Strong Group

"I worked closely with Jon during my role as a Delivery Manager with TEKsystems Global Services. Jon is a knowledgeable, thoughtful, intelligent problem solver, who concerns himself with how IT drives solutions to business problems. He understands complex technologies and is adept at applying them to business issues - simple and complex. He is the consummate management consultant, and has the ability to work with C-level executives, as well as professionals working directly information technologies. His knowledge of technology is broad and deep, reflecting his experience in a variety of roles, organizations, and industries.

Jon is easy to work for and with, is a great communicator, has a great personality and sense of humor, and was a pleasure to work for and with. He cares about those that he works with and managers, and is a great mentor - business, career and personal. He is one of the positive influences on my career and I am greatful for his guidance and support during my time under his management. I highly recommend Jon."

Dennis Daniel CISM, CISA, CCP - Fusion New Client Launch Delivery Manager,  AmerisourceBergen
Dennis reported to Jonathan at TEKsystems Global Services

"Jon is a charismatic, action-oriented leader who is constantly seeking a better way to execute. While at TEKsystems Jon has been responsible for leading and mentoring a group of Delivery Managers that relied heavily upon him to help troubleshoot delivery issues within our engagement portfolio. He used his well developed communications skills to be thoughtful of his audience... he was a considerate speaker and a compassionate listener. His leadership style is sincere, direct and personal...he wants those around him to succeed. Jon believes in investing in people…he always made time for me when I asked for his help, even though he did not directly benefit. Jon is exactly the person you want leading, because he is a compassionate, determined self-starter."

Bill Jones - Enterprise Architecture Governance Analyst at SunTrust
Bill worked with Jonathan at TEKsystems Global Services

"In my 30+ years of experience in a large corporate environment, I've had the pleasure of working for a number of great leaders. I certainly count Jon Strong among them. Jon understands how to create an environment of leadership, where staff feels the freedom to share their own intellectual capital unfettered. I always felt that Jon had an effective grasp of the context of the client/service-provider dynamic. The advice I received from Jon was not mindless spewing of the business process philosophy of the day, but rather a collection of common sense, experience, and sound judgment, framed specifically for my perspective and personality. I very much enjoyed working for Jon while at TEKsystems and would not hesitate to work for him again in the future.

I highly recommend him as an effective manager and a competent leader."

Jeffrey Childress - SVP Relationship Management, Bank of America
Jeff reported to Jonathan at TEKsystems Global Services

"Although I have only worked for Jon for a short period of time I realized very early his strong management skills and his unbelivable work ethic. Jon creates an envrionment in which everyone can succeed. His strong technical skills as well as business knowledge is one of the many aspects that clients recognize quickly. Jon works harder than any person I know to ensure that the "Right" strategy and decisions are made in respect to customers. He puts everyone at ease and provides strategies and guidance that is a Win-Win for everyone."

Steve Rubin - Delivery Manager, global IT services firm
Steve reported to Jonathan at TEKsystems Global Services

"I had the great pleasure of working directly with Jon on a large customer account where we were expanding our relationship with them into a new area of business. 700Jon's guidance and professionalism was extremely beneficial in helping us succeed.

Jon Strong is the consummate professional, a great mentor, and a pleasure to work with. I would recommend him for any executive position and find it a pleasure to work with him again in the future."

Linda Zenebisis - Agile Project Manager | Certified Scrum Master
Linda worked indirectly for Jonathan at TEKsystems Global Services

"Jon is a talented leader, whose strong analytical skills and strategic thinking make him an asset to any team. He is able to blend a keen business acumen with a practical view, making his approach to situations highly effective. Jon doesn't manage, but leads. He does so by empowering his teams and leading by example. I highly recommend Jon and look forward to collaborating with him in the future."

Steven McGurn, PMP - Global Delivery Manager, TEKsystems Global Services
Steven worked indirectly for Jonathan at TEKsystems Global Services

"Jon is a seasoned executive and mentor. His leadership skills and emphasis on strategic issues were key to improving the overall performance of our delivery team. Jon, with his close attention to detail always looks for ways to improve the people and processes around him, is a partner to all his stakeholders and assist others where needed. As it has been written in many places, leaders make those around them better, and Jon does just that for all those he is in contact with. I highly recommend him."

Daniel Perez - Delivery Manager/ Project Manager - TEKsystems Global Services
Daniel reported to Jonathan at TEKsystems Global Services

"Jon is a reliable and competent technical architecture/leader with whom I have the pleasure of collaborating. He is unwavering in his commitment to quality, client satisfaction and delivering a major return on IT investment to his customer. Personally Jon is easy to talk with, His priorities are solid and he believes, promotes, and strives for work-life balance."

Lohit K Lakshman - Head of Enterprise Architecture and Transformation, global services firm
Lohit worked with Jonathan at TEKsystems Global Services

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