First Live S&P Indices on the Web

Having worked with leaders behind the Standard & Poor's Global Equity Indices (such as the S&P 500) on a variety of projects, Jon's team was the one tapped when S&P wanted to first provide a real-time display of "live indices" on the web.

This had to operate with zero contact with any of S&P's production servers and processes due to regulatory and company compliance considerations. We designed a process to extract the needed information on a 15-minute delayed basis, and S&P implemented that portion of the project. The data was then made available to our team via another shared server (staging server). Our process retrieved the data, tracked up and down trends over the various indices being displayed, and created the color coded output with appropriate graphic markers as a fully formatted display. The process could be run on any server that had access to the data staging server, and its output could be formatted as a conditionally included item on any of S&P's public web pages based on site configuration performed by S&P webmasters.

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