Serial Innovator

There's always a better way. Although I'd like to be able to take credit for coining that bit of wisdom, Thomas Edison said it first. However that belief has always been in the back of my mind any time I encounter a process, product or organization.

To avoid becoming an impractical dreamer, it's necessary to temper this tendency with a realistic assessment of the potential value of the "better way". If this assessment is to be useful, has to be based on experience and real knowledge.

I'm lucky to have had the opportunity to innovate at virtually every job I've held throughout my career. Some organizations value this, and it was part of the job. At other times, I saw the need and opportunity, and did the innovation on my own time before sharing it. The very best results occurred when I was able to mobilize a team and the right resources to follow my lead.

I'm including brief descriptions of a few of the highlights from the past several years. In each instance, the solution required new thought, process, technology – innovation – to solve real-world business challenges and yield very real business value. I'll be happy to discuss any or all of these, and more, in person. I can do the same - and much more - in the right environment. Looking forward to hearing from you!
- Jon

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